Bonjour à tous.

So it’s been a slightly longer hiatus than I had initially planned, but I think it’s done me some good to be away from the blog, which was essentially doing nothing other than fuelling my fire (my fire being unfulfilling sexual liaisons and general promiscuity). Of course for a few months at a time rampant shagging and then telling the world about it in, arguably too much, detail is bound to be great fun, but it’s kind of run its course. That said there is one ‘special man’, Lord how I hate that term, who I did meet on my journey through the latter days of the blog and, much as it pains me to say it, he has stuck around. Its not a relationship and I dare say it never will be, but we compliment each other beautifully and see each other often enough to keep the whole thing going. It’s mutually beneficial and actually not that disgusting.

Soppiness over. I’ve had a few emails from readers of the old blog (all of which is now private, purely to save my embarrassment if I am ever discovered by real life acquantainces!) and I was really taken aback by the keenness to get in touch. It’s lovely to feel such a part of a community, even though I’ve never met any of you. I guess that brings me neatly onto my next point. I’m coming back! I won’t be posting as frequently (and probably not as lewdly) but I’m desperate to keep up with what my favourite virtual friends are doing and I find blogging easier than diary writing. I’m afraid you can’t get rid of me that easily.

I suppose an update on life as it stands currently is necessary now I’ve got all of the paperwork out of the way. I’m in Paris! I love it, frankly I don’t want to come home. I’m working for a high fashion company (illegally long hours and should-be-illegally hard work) but it’s something I fully intend to pursue as a career – something I never thought I’d find! I know there’s a lot ‘going on’ here at the moment, and I suppose it is scary living and working quite literally in the thick of it – less than a couple of minutes away. But attacks like this put important things into perspective for me; one of those is writing. Perhaps it was the fact that the initial attack was targeted at the Charlie Hebdo offices, but I wanted to write. I detest the way governments jump on the lets-hate-muslims bandwagon, when quite frankly, it has little or no relevance. What those men did cannot speak for a race of millions of people, right anyway. I’m saving this for another blog post. It’s far too long to get into now and my reappearance is supposed to be a joyous occasion, not one tainted with such a tragic beginning to the year.

Yes, the New Year. Resolution time. I’m a vegetarian, boring. I might do another post about that actually. It’s not a one-man save the bunnies campaign. It’s simply a necessity, purely on environmental grounds. The rules are simple, don’t eat anything with a face, except one day a month. On that day I may eat any creature I so choose, as long as it was raised in an environment I wouldn’t mind living in myself. The one day a month rule was created purely to avoid confrontation when going out to restaurants, a lot of places here refuse to believe vegetarians exist, thus being able to cheat (without actually breaking the rules) makes life easier for everyone. Poor excuse, but it’s the truth. If everyone ate meat only once a month, we could feed the world and also stop killing the planet simultaneously. Sounds cracking to me, but hey, I’m a mere yoghurt-knitter.

So for the time being that’s the situation as it stands in a nutshell. I imagine there’ll be rather an influx of update-y (but hopefully more beautifully  written) posts for a while, then back to the usual drivel. Would be fantastic to hear from you all again if anyone is left out there! Sayonara xx